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Unframed Ice Cream

Beet, chocolate, ginger.

Address: 45C Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Opening Hours: 11h00am- 11h00pm (daily yo)

Completely vegan: No.

Price: Minimum R35, it can get costly for you cheapies out there like me, depending on how many scoops  and of course your desired toppings.

Parking: Along the Road, your best bet is Kloof Street.

Décor: A tiny almost window like store with a very minimalistic clean feel. The white walls and pretty green plants are very calming with minimal seating.

Menu Diversity: They usually have about 4 flavours of vegan icecream and 4 non vegan flavours. they also have sugar cones, donuts and other toppings.

Overview: So this place is a bit of a hit and miss for hubs and I… I LOVE their artisan icecream especially since you’ll not find the flavours anywhere else and to my knowledge it’s the only place I can get a sugar cone that’s vegan. Their vegan flavours range from Turmeric, Matcha, Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry sorbet, my personal favourite Beet-ginger-chocolate (as seen in the cover photo of this post) and more. According to me its not really a hangout spot but that’s because there’s barely any room to hang, the icecream however is definitely a yes from me… trust me though, 1 scoop is plenty, no need to overindulge. Not only do they have a fixed location in Kloof but you’ll see them at the V&A Waterfront and perhaps even other locations if you’re lucky… why not follow the link and check them out on insta right here.

Don’t be afraid to message me letting me know what you think and what more you’d like in my reviews. 😉



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