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Zero Waste? Minimalism?


Heck yeah I’m going to just jump into this post. I have come to the realisation that even though I own a reusable steel straw, use a menstrual cup, use reusable bags when shopping and so forth, we as a couple still produce an insane amount of plastic waste.

For some or other reason I have become even more conscious of my impact on the earth and my general surroundings (looking into the minimalist thing). As I am the one doing the grocery shopping I feel particularly responsible when picking items that are packaged in loads of plastic and tin as those end up in the trash and at the end of the week… that’s a LOT of crap that’ll end up polluting the ocean, killing many innocent creatures and inevitably, killing us.

In light of this realisation I guess I could say, I would like to become as “zero waste” as I possibly can, transitioning this year. Due to the fact that I am an intern and of course, dirt poor I would have to gradually implement this lifestyle change and ensure it sticks…


…to be continued.


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