“Who am i?”

As I sit here in front of my PC with the questionaire from my fellow colleague for the “Month of Women”, all I can do is stare at the very first question. The question derived from the question I am certain many if not all of us has had to answer (or attempted to) during an interview. A question that is both confusing yet refreshing. The question that makes you want to break down screaming and lost but also smile and glow from within…

Who am I?

After reading the “Who am I?” question I did what anyone else would do, move on to the next one (haha). It did make every other question SO much easier to answer though, but after answering every single one I was right back to where i started, the top, staring.

I know what my likes and dislikes are so why is this so hard to answer? My favorite color is black, I adore animals, sometimes I hate people (just joking I meant dislike 😅) but seriously though, does any of those things have ANYTHING to do with who I am?

I love my husband and think I’m a reasonably good wife but is that who I am? I am Muslim. I am vegan. I am a daughter, sister, aunt,a human being who has no idea who I REALLY am… or do I?

Many times I’ve stumbled whilst answering this question (it’s so awkward, like why are you getting so personal geez) but never has it made me ponder this much, perhaps it’s because it’s now written down in words I can physically see…

I am who I am. I am all of the things above and more and as I grow as a person I will become more than who I am today. I am the woman who will continue to seek peace, happiness and of course, good food everywhere I go, in everything I do. No longer will I linger where negative energy lies and annoyance lingers. We only have one life we’ll remember in the end and I’d rather sit in the sun and reminisce on times that radiate love and happiness because, when the time comes and you’re on the porch with the sun kissing your antique skin, memories are all you’ll have left… might as well make them beautiful ones.


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