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Plant milk and all of its glory

I will not be overly graphic with my words. I will not show you horrible images (though everyone needs to see them) and I will not use words that are hard to understand. I have made this post as easy to read as I possibly could.

Okay, so we all know (or at least should know) that grown humans do not need milk to survive, just like all other non-human animals on the planet, once we are old enough to eat solid foods with our “huge” canines and are weaned from our mothers breasts we should be consuming water for hydration.

as humans are though, we’ve become accustomed to having various other beverages such as milks, sodas, shakes, tea, coffee and so forth. With that being said I have decided to try as many different kinds of milk that I can find on our market (geez they can be expensive) and also, make my own, as I believe that making ones own milk is so much healthier than those production line products.

It’s about the animals, always about the animals


Dairy milk comes from happy cows who get to graze on beautifully lush land that goes on forever right? Well that’s what the television commercials want us to believe, the truth however is in fact very much the opposite.

Dairy cows are held in what is called a Confined Animal Feeding Operation that usually hold hundreds if not thousands of them being fed grain, hay and in rare cases, grass along with of course antibiotics and hormones in order to increase their milk production and lower the risk of infecting the milk. Before they can produce milk though, cows just like any other animal first needs to be impregnated. how is this done you ask? the semen from a bull is extracted because farmers do not have the time for all of their heifers to get their groove on with a handsome bull in hopes of pregnancy. No, the heifers are trapped in a device called a RAPE RACK (I know right, way to call it what it is Mr farmer) at least twice per pregnancy then a farmer gets to jab his entire arm and a METAL ROD up inside of her in  order to impregnate her (ouch).

Once the cow’s udders are huge and sore due to all the milk she was forced to produce the farmer and his workers do her a “favour” by extracting the milk from her teats with a heartless machine that’s going to get the job done as fast as possible, (because we all know that time is money) long gone are the days of farmers manually milking cows with their hands my friend. In some instances farmers even put a hot flame to the cows teats in order to burn off infection which is totally acceptable because we wouldn’t want the humans to get sick right? *rolls eyes*

After storing the milk it gets sent to the lab and some specimens are tested (for things such as the bacteria count, milk fat etc.) after which the milk gets pasteurized and only a legal amount of blood, pus, hormones and antibiotics are left to be sold as “”high in calcium” and the “healthiest source”. YUM!

After all of this is done they’ll repeat the process until the cow can no longer produce milk, suffers from mastitis and has died (slaughter house) shortening her lifespan from 20 years to only 4.

The impact of dairy milk on human health…

As animals we are not designed to drink milk after infancy, however we decide to be outrageous and drink the milk of a whole other species! Dairy milk has been found to be the biggest allergen in the world and has been proven to increase levels of ear infections, acne, multiple sclerosis, increased levels of cholesterol, increased risk of type 1 diabetes, increased levels of cancer cells for cancer such as prostate and ovarian, I could go on forever but we just do not have the time.

It’s all good to be serious but let’s get to the fun bit…

My preference plus some

So I’ve decided to try different types of plant milks with the help of my husband as well as making my own and comparing the taste of not only the different types of milk but also the taste difference between home-made and store-bought. This section will be updated with recipes as I go along.


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