Crumbs and Cream · Reviews

Crumbs And Cream

Address: 16 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town

Opening Hours: Sun- Thur: 10am – 11:30pm
Fri- Sat : 10am – MIDNIGHT

Completely Vegan: No.

Price: About R48 per serving if you’re going to have an ice-cream sandwich(R38) along with toppings (R5) and a spread (R5).

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Parking: No designated parking however there are always available parking spots along the road.

Décor: Even though it is a rather small store the décor could lighten any mood with the comfy window seating covered in bright pillows and for those of you who are graceful swans, 2 swings are available creating a cheerful, relaxing and playful atmosphere.

Menu Diversity: Unfortunately for vegans there are not much daily options with there usually only being one type of cookie, 1 flavour of ice-cream and for those who are fine with palm oil, crushed oreos as a topping.

Overview: I’m not going to lie, I enjoy this place especially since its located a short walk from the beachfront (love the beach) and the décor is ADORABLE. Every time we visit I feel like a kid again, but who wouldn’t.

Regardless of the MANY (rolling eyes) options, It’s always a delight to pop in for a sweet treat. Unfortunately they usually only have the Vegan Heaven which is a gorgeous cookie filled with nuts and chocolate chips but only the Wildberry ice-cream 😦 which, don’t get me wrong, its amazing but can get a little monotonous after a while (you’re lucky to find another vegan option). All in all I feel that Crumbs and Cream is a great spot to get your sugar craving fulfilled.

Go check them out!

Edit: They now do more flavours such as mango and passion fruit but only 1 flavour at a time.


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