Oh my goodness I think I’m vegan…

My journey toward veganism.

I don’t have some sort of masters in writing and I’m not planning on getting one either. If real is what you’re looking for… WELCOME!

Since this is my first post (Yay!) I’ve figured that it should be about my journey toward becoming vegan. This is a story I’ve told on many occasions shortening it as much as possible because ain’t nobody got time to tell long stories on repeat.

It all starts with the same question “So what made you become vegan?” followed directly by the “Were you always vegan?” and many other questions I will elaborate on in a future post probably called something like “Questions frequently asked toward vegans” or, no no no, I’m losing track. Back to… How I became vegan… Times prior to becoming vegan people tend to be hard-core meat eaters or omnivores. I however have always been unusual or “weird” (thanks mum & dad).

In the Muslim culture people often (around Eid) partake in the Qurbaan and that is where it all began for me. I’m not sure how old I was at the time but I do remember being really young. As I stood with the rest of the Jamaa I did not at all like what I was witnessing and had started crying to which my mother had responded…

“Do you know, if you feel bad for the animal, you’re not supposed to eat their meat”

Words that had stuck with me all my life after which I had then decided to become vegetarian (or rather my view of vegetarian). As a child in primary school I had done my best at being “vegetarian” by eating around the meat or simply refusing to eat anything that has touched meat unless it had lasagne of a McDonalds cheese burger, to be honest I’m not sure when I had completely stopped consuming meat, gelatine and eggs which left me with seafood and dairy, I know right. More like pescatarian.

Before becoming vegan I had been “vegetarisn”for around 9 years and one day, I have no idea why, I had a raging curiosity with regards to how EXACTLY we got our milk. That morning I had woken up with a thought and (even before breakfast) I was right onto Google search to discover the horrible truth all of us, myself included, completely ignore on a day-to-day basis and in that moment I had told my husband exactly what I had felt…

Babe, I’m vegan now.

And he has been the most supportive person I have ever met.



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